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Please visit  to take advantage of this new addition to the CSX program, and encourage your members to do the same. Today’s release of the site is the first phase. In just a few weeks, additional resources will be made available, with even more planned for release later this year.

Our new Cyber Security Career Roadmap will help you understand where you are currently in your career, determine where you want to go, and help you discover what you need to do to get there.  You’ll learn the next likely steps in your career path and see which certifications and educational resources might strengthen your success through each level.  With just a few easy steps, this free assessment tool will leave you with a personalized plan you can refer to at any stage of your career. 

The Roadmap is also helpful for university students considering a career in cyber security, and for human resources departments in organizations looking to build out their cyber security teams.

The CSX Roadmap Explained                       Your CyberSecurity RoadMap  

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